Integrated Web Monitoring and Web Inspection System Procemex OnePlatform®

What is the difference between commissioning a Procemex integrated solution or buying the web inspection and web monitoring systems separately? What benefits there are to have a fully integrated web monitoring and web inspection solution?

The proceeding questions are important and have different answers to different groups within a paper mill. The Procemex integrated web monitoring and web inspection solution have an impact on paper machine operators, production management, quality assurance, IT, maintenance and project engineers. The basic elements are always the same:

  • OnePlatform - One User Experience for Quality and Production, One Platform for IT, One Platform for Maintenance, One Platform for Support and One Platform for a Longer Solution Lifetime

Procemex® has set the standard in paper web inspection system and paper web monitoring system for a modern platform designed for years to come. With over 1000 references worldwide, let us show you the level of performance they've come to expect.

Procemex OnePlatform web inspection and web monitoring solution for paper machines

The Most Important Thing is Tracking

Procemex integrated paper web monitoring system and web inspection solution increases knowledge substantially about product quality and it decreases the amount of paper web breaks and therefore improves both product quality and productivity at a paper mill. With Procemex system you can see the root causes of web breaks and thus decrease the amount of breaks. You can control the whole production along the machine and see different defects and detect the place of, for instance, drops, edge breaks, lubrication grease, etc.