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Web Monitoring system for web break root cause analyzing

Procemex Web Monitoring Cameras along the production lines provide additional eyes for operators and clarify what happened during the milliseconds when a web break took place. With sufficient number of cameras in the right locations, the cameras provide required accuracy and clarity about the root cause of an event. Additionally, integration with Web Inspection reduces downtime, helps the operators in handling production quality, and production efficiency issues with the help of the systems’s smart analysis tools.

Full Set of Analysis Tools for Results

Procemex has full set of analysis tools for paper mill operators for handling the web break issues. Our Web Monitoring System assists operators in handling all production quality, and production efficiency issues with the systems’s advanced analysis tools.

  • Full width visibility at wet end
  • Superior resolution with 12 MPix smart camera technology
  • Unique Wet End Pinhole Frame covers full machine width
  • Operators focus on trouble-shooting in right areas
  • Paper and fabrics related issue covered
  • Trouble-shooting tools for moisture issues with Procemex Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Defects and root causes identified quickly through elimination method
  • More efficient process
  • Less paper quality issues
  • Reduced reaction times
Procemex web inspection at control room of a paper mill

Web Monitoring Features

  • Selection of real time display mode (independently at dry end and at wet end, if necessary)
  • Breaks, defects, image analysis and other events are selected in event selection page with one click
  • One the event selection page the system displays automatically created thumbnail images from all camera positions to simplify and make analysis faster
  • Event analysis page includes easy-to-use image controlling functions both with video recorder type buttons and with slide bar
  • Cameras are synchronized with each other within the accuracy of two frames

Web Monitoring Features

  • Event analysis page includes special image change measurement trending
  • Bookmarks can be tagged with images and image trends, and video clips can be edited as needed
  • Digital zooming without limits
  • Each camera features Region of Interest (ROI)
  • The system recognizes image changes within each video clip and guides the operator
  • Expert database to advise about problematic cases

Web Monitoring software controls all functions of the system

The Web Monitoring Software controls all functions of the system. With an intuitive graphical user interface, the operator selects a preferred real time monitoring mode between quad and single images, selects which events (breaks, web defects and image analysis) to analyze and asks the expert database to advise in problem solving.


Web Monitoring System Cameras

Procemex Web Monitoring System ProClean Pinhole Cameras along the production lines provide additional eyes for operators and clarify what happened during the milliseconds when a web break took place. With enough cameras in the right locations, the cameras provide required accuracy and clarity about the root cause of an event.

Additionally, integration with Procemex Web Inspection System reduces downtime. The main obstacles for better machine efficiency are typically either number of cameras, or inferior image quality.
Inferior image quality is related to the following factors:

  • Low-performance camera and light cleaning system
  • Low camera shutter speed not capable of stopping the sheet movement
  • Lens out of focus
  • Low camera resolution
  • Weak light source
  • Light not synchronized with ambient light (uneven frame rate or missing sync)
crystal camera

Camera Resolution

Procemex camera resolution is not limited by the network capability, as the camera processes data inside its own shell.

Camera resolution tends to grow continuously and is with today’s cameras more important than the frame rate. In practice, it is often difficult to utilize the highest resolution available, because the system is already using its full data transfer capacity. This is the most typical reason pushing customers to change their system. Today this is especially relevant, as 1GigE network supports only 2.1MPix resolution with 50fps and 1.9MPix with 60fps. Resolutions above that are not possible without reducing the frame rate.

Procemex camera resolution is not limited, as the camera processes data inside its own shell and does not sent it to be processed elsewhere. When the video is completed inside the camera, it sends the file over network to the server. This architectural difference enables Procemex to supply leading edge 12 MPix camera resolution.

ProClean Pinhole Technology Keeps Cameras Clean

Keeping cameras clean in harsh environments is vital for detecting defects. Procemex ProClean Camera technology keeps cameras clean in a harsh environments. The new ProClean Pinhole technology guarantees that cameras stay clean and provide excellent images for operators to monitor web break root causes.

The 12 MPix imaging is carried out with the leading-edge image sensor technology in light sensitivity resulting over 5 times faster shutter speed and imaging clarity over conventional cameras. Procemex Crystal camera with ProClean pinhole technology features sharp images from edge to edge in the entire viewing area. Operators get consistent high quality images without needing to clean the cameras.

Trace paper defects with Procemex Infrared Thermal Smart Camera Technology

Procemex Infrared Thermal Smart Camera offers enhanced visibility for detecting defects in previously challenging areas, particularly those concealed by steam and fog.

For mills facing issues in areas where traditional web monitoring cameras falter due to steam, the Procemex Infrared Thermal Camera presents an ideal solution.

Lights for Web Monitoring

The lights for Web Monitoring are cooled to meet fire safety requirements and Synchronized with the system.

Procemex uses LED strobe lights that are synchronized with AC sync with an ambient illumination to prevent a fade-in, fade-out effect from happening.

The latest LED technology is enhanced with customer designed focusing lenses, and optimized use of power. There are several light patterns available suitable for different locations.

Procemex ECO LED light has indirect cooling unit, that can use instrument air or water. The benefit of indirect cooling is that there is no instrument air inside the light, and that there is no possibility for over-pressurizing the housing and causing the protection window to explode.

The Importance of Image Quality, Cleaning & Cooling

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