Automatic Threading Rope Monitoring

The Automatic Threading Rope Monitoring examines the condition of threading ropes and their expected lifetime 24/7. The Automatic rope condition monitoring prevents serious damages and expensive unplanned production shutdowns.

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Significant cost savings

Rope Condition Monitored 24/7

  • Monitors threading rope’s condition and expected  lifetime 24/7
  • Increases the mill safety
    • Helps to prevent:
    • Unexpected rope & web breaks
    • Unplanned machine shutdowns
  • Optimizes threading rope change intervals
  • Saves operators’ time

Success Stories

Success story

Metsä Board Äänekoski, Finland monitors Carrier Rope Condition 24/7

The latest functionality adopted by Metsä Board Äänekoski, Finald has been the Tail Threading Rope Condition Monitoring. The carrier ropes’ condition is continuously monitored with Procemex cameras utilizing cutting-edge AI-analysis technology. As a result, the threading rope changes can be conducted as preventive maintenance during scheduled machine shutdowns, reducing the number of unexpected and expensive web breaks and machine down times.