Procemex Software

Revolutionize Your Production Line Monitoring

Unlock the full potential of your production lines with Procemex Software Modules. Whether you’re managing a small camera project or overseeing a massive production line spanning hundreds of cameras, our powerful software is designed to scale effortlessly to meet your needs.

Monitor and inspect with precision

  • Web Monitoring (WMS): Keep a watchful eye on your production process in real-time. Experience the power of live images and gain control over your operations.
  • Web Inspection (WIS): Detect and analyze web defects with unparalleled accuracy. Our software enables you to identify and address issues promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.
  • Forming Section Web Inspection
  • Winder Control: Take charge of your winding operations, ensuring smooth and efficient processes.
  • Formation Measurement: Dive deep into the formation process, examining contrast, orientation, and cloudiness for optimal results.
    Accurately measure and monitor formation trends, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Real-Time Online Videos: Stay connected to your production line from anywhere, accessing live videos conveniently and effortlessly.
  • Long-Term Video History: Preserve a comprehensive video history for future reference and analysis, empowering you with valuable insights.
  • Flying Splice Analysis: Visualize and analyze flying splices, optimizing performance and reducing waste.
  • 3rd-Party Integration: Seamlessly integrate Procemex Software with your existing systems, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports effortlessly, customizing them to meet your specific requirements.
  • Data Exporting: Easily export data using database views, enabling you to analyze and utilize it outside the software environment.
  • Open Data Structure and Software Interfaces: Harness the power of flexibility with open data structures and software interfaces, ensuring seamless compatibility and adaptability.
  • Printer Web Access: Streamline your printing operations by gaining web access to printers, simplifying control and management.

Key Features that Set Us Apart

  • Intuitive User Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly experience, accessing Procemex Software through native Windows applications or web browsers.
  • Live Images: Monitor your operations in real-time with customer-configurable and scalable live images, providing you with instant visibility and control.
  • Event Library: Analyze a wide range of machine events captured by WMS cameras, from web breaks and reel turn-up events to flying splices and web inspection-triggered events. Gain valuable insights to optimize your processes.
  • Event Analysis: Automate event analysis by synchronizing cameras on the machine direction. Quickly access specific parts of the paper passing each camera, enabling efficient analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Visualization of Different Camera Technologies: Visualize production processes using various camera technologies, including grayscale, color, and thermal cameras with temperature scales and measurement points.
  • Flying Splice Visualization for Off-Machine-Coaters: Experience full-width visualization of flying splices, ensuring efficient and accurate performance.
  • Integrated Web Monitoring & Inspection User Interface: Consolidate your monitoring and inspection activities in a single, user-friendly interface. Easily identify paper defects, web breaks, and their root causes.
  • Web Inspection Defect Map: Visualize and analyze multiple camera frames and defect maps simultaneously. Gain a comprehensive understanding of defect density, access detailed images, and customize defect symbols to match your needs.
  • Sample Library: Create your own library of interesting defect images for future reference and training purposes. Fine-tune defect classifiers and enhance your operators’ knowledge and skills.
  • Formation Visualization: Analyze formation processes through contrast measurement for WIS cameras and assess orientation and cloudiness with dedicated formation cameras. Gain insights through trend analysis and single data point images.
  • Trend Tool: Track defect counts, system variables, and camera temperatures over time, empowering you with valuable trend analysis and predictive capabilities.

Reporting Made Easy

With Procemex Software, generating comprehensive reports is a breeze. Whether you need reel, defect, formation, daily, monthly, or custom reports, our software has got you covered. Seamlessly customize your reports to showcase the exact information you require. And with web browser-based access, you can conveniently view and access reports from anywhere, at any time. Export reports to standard file types for easy sharing and collaboration.

Explore Powerful Browser Views

Procemex Software harnesses the capabilities of cutting-edge web technologies to provide you with a range of dynamic browser views. Discover a whole new level of functionality and efficiency with our applications

  • Multi Defect Viewer: Gain a comprehensive online overview of critical multiple defects.
  • OnePlatform Diagnostic Portal: Access a centralized hub for diagnostic purposes, ensuring seamless monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Defect Distance Monitor (ATC): Monitor and measure defect distances accurately, enabling precise analysis and control.
  • Reporting Pages: Access a dedicated platform for generating reports, facilitating streamlined reporting processes.
  • WIS Adjustment Tool: Fine-tune your web inspection settings with ease, optimizing the accuracy of defect detection.

Unlock the Power of Machine Vision Tools

Procemex Software integrates powerful machine vision tools to provide you with enhanced analysis and insights. Explore applications tailored to specific needs

  • Rope Analysis: Analyze rope conditions and optimize performance, ensuring smooth and efficient production.
  • Roll Surface Analysis: Gain deep insights into roll surface quality, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing disruptions.
  • Water Line Analysis: Monitor and analyze water line performance, ensuring optimal process control and quality.

Integrate Tools for Operators’ Efficiency

Procemex Software allows you to integrate selected tools directly into your operators’ workflow. Empower your team with streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency, enabling them to perform their tasks seamlessly.

Seamless 3rd Party Data Visualization

Integrate third-party data visualization tools effortlessly with Procemex Software. Unlock new possibilities and gain deeper insights by combining the power of different tools and platforms.

Cloud Access for Enhanced Flexibility

With cloud access, Procemex Software enables you to leverage your preferred cloud solutions. Access system features and data securely anywhere, anytime.

AI Tools for Intelligent Analysis

Enhance your defect analysis capabilities with AI tools powered by Procemex Software. Leverage specific AI tools to analyze web monitoring cameras, enabling you to unlock valuable insights and optimize your production processes. Experience the power of AI-driven defect analysis, enabling you to detect and address issues with unparalleled precision.

Take your production line monitoring to new heights with Procemex Software. Embrace advanced reporting, dynamic browser views, machine vision tools, cloud access, and AI-driven analysis for unprecedented efficiency and productivity. Empower your team and unlock the full potential of your production lines with Procemex Software.