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Web Inspection System for web defect detection

Procemex Paper Web Inspection System provides continuous detection of all paper defects. Web Inspection camera system can be seamlessly integrated to Procemex Paper Web Monitoring System.

The world leading Web Inspection technology enables highest level defect detection with Photographic Imaging Quality.

Powerful strobing LED lighting eliminate blur and produce photographic image

The applications range today from coated box board to coated paper, magazine paper, newsprint, tissue and liner board. In addition, utilization of auto-shutter of a smart camera design is preferred amongst specialty paper makers for its wide range of detection capabilities.

Smart cameras Detect Paper web defects with Photographic Imaging Quality

  • Detection and classification in black&white or in color
  • Smart Camera Autoshutter provides even exposure and illumination over multiple grades and shades of color. This enables fully automated grade settings even with hundreds of paper grades and color shades
  • Square pixels, even with high speed processes, provide clarity for imaging
  • Market leading 700 Million pixel per second data processing
  • Strobing provides powerful illumination peak to stop the web movement, eliminate blur and produce photographic image quality
  • Industry leading camera sensor light sensitivity and image bit depth

Defect Classification

Pre-classification inside Procemex Smart Camera allows instantaneous paper quality classification for first level defects.

  • Pre-classification is made inside Procemex Smart Cameras
  • Classification based on color information
  • Real-time outputs from first level defects
  • Post-classification beyond single inspection frame measurement utilizing all data available for the most accurate classification
  • Alternating illumination provides more information for the post-classification engine, increasing the benefits of the Smart Camera technology
  • Advanced Classification utilizing our tools for developing or acquiring best fit traditional and neural network classification algorithms

Multi-frame camera imaging providing higher quality images to the classification engine and increasing accuracy over antiquated line-scan technology.

Quickly Create, Customize, and Export Inspection Reports

Create customized, well visualized, and easily exportable web inspection and monitoring reports that empower you to make informed decisions, improve product quality, and streamline your production processes.The Procemex Reporting Engine is a web browser-based tool, that provides both easy and secure access without the need for external software installation. As an integral part of the Procemex Web Monitoring and Inspection System, this reporting tool empowers mill operators and production managers to effortlessly generate insightful reports that provide invaluable insights into your production process.

Powerful Strobe Lights

Procemex smart camera activates one or more light frame LED flash profiles and illuminates only during camera image exposure.

Procemex Flex camera fully and automatically controls the strobe lighting to match the camera frame rate, with camera shutter speeds automatically controlling each light pulse length. This means the strobe light is illuminated when the camera is filming. This strobe lighting uses just an average of 30 W compared to 400-500 W (standard metal halide light), thus eliminating heat and energy consumption problems. Strobe lighting and new super light sensitive CMOS sensor technology, results in camera exposure times of 5-20 Microseconds freezing paper movement effectively, and producing crystal clear images.

Utilization of a strobed light technology allows a long life of LED by elimination of heat generation

  • Procemex smart camera activates LED flashing and illuminates only during camera image exposure. With strobing, heat generation is reduced due to reduced LED illumination time.
  • One camera can make several independent measurements by commanding different LED light frames to flash sequentially
  • The utilization of a strobed lighting technologies allows a long life of LED by elimination of heat generation
  • Any LED segment can be changed at any time without creating a de-gradation in camera signals and the overall detection capabilities of the system
  • Procemex Crystal 700 MHz Smart Camera technology with 12 MPix camera resolution can utilize several illumination geometries flexibly with sequential illumination

Automatic Winder Target Control (ATC)

Running winder with optimum efficiency requires automatic defect finding in the process.

Running winder with optimum efficiency requires that winder operators know paper defects locations in advance. Based on accurate knowledge of the machine directional and cross directional defect location, operators can make educated decisions whether to keep full speed, slow down, crawl or stop the winder for patching the defect. This process can be also be automatic.

  • Ensure that winder is not forming a bottleneck for paper production
  • Remove defects to meet customer specifications
  • Winder and re-reeler defect stop accuracy achieved by bar coding paper edge at paper machine and by reading the code at the next production phase

Rolls can be run again after winder at re-reeler in case it is necessary to remove defects and save rolls. As the bar code is at that phase already removed, it is necessary to crawl the roll to the first defect and let the system synchronize the rest of the defects automatically.

Automatic Winder Target Control Features

  • Enables automated re-reeler ad winder stop features
  • Increases production line throughput
  • Code verification ensures PM availability
  • Provides absolute sheet position regardless of slab-off and shrinkage
  • Fast code reader cameras enable small code size and low ink usage, keeping environment clean
  • Successful encoding up to 2000 m/min, 6500 ft/min
Paper & Board

General Web Inspection System Features

Procemex Web Inspection Camera System includes a number of features that help paper machine operators in their work.

    • On-line defect map that is scrolling down automatically at the paper passes by

    • Each defect also includes a short, user definable streaming video

    • Digital zooming without limits

    • Formation measurement

    • TAPPI/ISO – dirt count capable

    • Detection, classification and displaying of defects in B&W or color

Procemex pinhole camera beam at entry size press of a paper machine

Many features that help paper machine operators in their work

    • Includes reel number and paper grade data import from 3rd party system by using OPC-protocol

    • Dirt counter showing weight factor and a number of defects per certain area

    • Repeat defects, 100+ machine elements

    • Trends 15 min, 30 min, 1 h, 8 h, 24 h, weekly

    • Profiles for different defects

    • Report shift, weekly, monthly
    • Reel report, reel number and length, which kind of fault, size, MD & CD location, fault count

Send paper defect samples for our testing team

To better understand how our Web Inspection system recognizes and analyzes defects on your paper, we encourage you to send us a paper defect sample for analysis.

Our experienced testing team will conduct a comprehensive WIS analysis once your samples arrive, providing you with valuable insights that will help you assess the suitability of our solutions in your mill’s unique production environment.

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