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Technical Support

Easy access to your Procemex Service & Support in topics related to web monitoring, web inspection and other machine vision solutions.

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Support is available MON-FRI 8 AM to 5 PM EET via
+ 358 40 709 1306

Service Sales

System Extensions, Improvements and Service Agreements:

Ari-Pekka Räisänen
Director, Customer Service & Product Development
Tel. +358 50 313 7243

Juhani Kääriäinen
Sales Manager,  Service Agreements
Tel. +358 50 530 8390

Heikki Ristaniemi
Service Sales Manager
Tel.+358 40 752 2852

Spare Parts:

Johanna Liikanen
Manager, Customer Service Team
Tel. +358 41 430 9239

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