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ProClean Pinhole Cameras stay clean even in the harshest conditions

Sharp 12 MPx high resolution images in all locations from the head box to the reel

Procemex’s ground-breaking ProClean pinhole technology is the superior solution for all pulp, paper and tissue machines. Crystal ProClean Pinhole Cameras can be used in all locations from headbox to the reel. 12 Mega Pixel CRYSTAL smart cameras with ProClean technology give you sharp images from corner to corner. 

Stays Clean

You will get consistent high quality images without needing to clean the cameras!

The new Procemex ProClean pinhole technology guarantees that cameras stay clean and provide excellent images for operators to monitor web break root causes.

ProClean pinhole technology is an optimal solution for all pulp, paper and tissue machines as the ProClean Pinhole Cameras can be used in all locations from the headbox to the reel.


The 12 Mega Pixel imaging is carried out with the leading-edge image sensor technology in light sensitivity resulting over 5 times faster shutter speed and imaging clarity over conventional cameras.

This high resolution camera features, for the first time, the revolutionary ProClean pinhole technology making it suitable for harsh environments. The Crystal camera with ProClean pinhole technology features a sharp images from edge to edge in the entire viewing area.

Data Transfer

Procemex Smart Cameras are not limited by the network capability, as the camera processes data inside its own shell.

It is often difficult to utilize the highest resolution available with the conventional cameras, because the system is already using its full data transfer capacity. This is the most common reason for papermakers to upgrade their system.

crystal camera

Are you struggling to keep your cameras clean?

During past 25 years there has been many attempts by the competition to keep the protective window of web break monitoring cameras clean. Procemex has continued to focus on the one solution has proved to be the most effective, pinhole technology, and perfected it. Procemex ProClean technology is the answer.

Procemex ProClean eliminates the need for camera cleaning!

Procemex ProClean 12 Mega Pixel CRYSTAL Camera – Excellent Images

New CRYSTAL ProClean Pinhole Camera in every machine position!

No more fuzzy images, dirty lenses, no more continuous cleaning!
It is now possible to use Procemex ProClean Pinhole Cameras in all locations while maintaining superior image quality.

The CRYSTAL ProClean Pinhole Camera is an ultra high-performance smart camera designed for the most challenging Web Monitoring System applications with high machine speeds and high-resolution requirements.

As many of the web monitoring cameras are located in the forming and press section, it is critical to keep cameras and lights clean in the harsh environment to deliver excellent images for improved trouble-shooting and efficiency.

Procemex ProClean stays clean and delivers sharp, high quality images.

Procemex ProClean Pinhole Cameras differ from the competition from the design of the housing to the camera inside.

  • The fastest Smart Camera with superior resolution
  • Over 6 times higher resolution than the competition
  • Over 5 times higher shutter speeds than the competition
  • Procemex OnePlatform compatible
  • All applications can utilize the same camera
  • True Smart Cameras with compact packaging
  • Future proof 12 Mega Pixel CMOS based image sensor design – easy to upgrade when needed

Industry Best Image Quality. No Cleaning.

Too Good to Believe?
Seeing is Believing!

Let us come to your mill and demonstrate the capabilities of Procemex ProClean!

CASe story by Dika Akilla, NVG

How Procemex ProClean Pinhole camera images looked after six months from installation

I have been working in the paper industry for several years in Indonesia. During this time, I have traveled across different areas in Indonesia and visited dozens of paper mills. It has been very exciting to see with my own eyes the extreme conditions, where the paper web monitoring cameras must perform optimally, to provide accurate images to mill operators, enabling them to enhance production line efficiency and recognize paper web defects accurately and on time.

I thought it would be interesting to take before and after images with Procemex ProClean Pinhole Cameras, and see, how they perform and maintain the image quality in harsh paper mill conditions, six months after installation.

Video: ProClean Crystal Camera

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See A Video about the ProClean Crystal Camera Shooting at Trim Squirts at a Paper Machine

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Procemex Pinhole Camera

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Procemex New Products for web break monitoring and inspection: Procemex ProClean and Crystal Camera

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