Carbon Fiber Web Inspection Frames

Optimum construction material for building industry-proof, flexible inspection systems

Carbon fiber beams are designed, engineered and constructed specifically for the purpose of absorbing machine induced vibration and are sturdy enough for the widest, over 12 m wide machines in the world. The camera and strobe LED illumination modules are cooled by blown air through the camera and light beams.

Camera and light beams support different inspection geometries starting from simple transmission or reflection measurement extending to complex top and back side multi-illumination measurements.

Some defects may be located in different layers inside the web which requires different illumination for detection. Procemex smart camera controls up to 3 separate strobe light sources simultaneously. The flashing of each light source takes place in individual sequences at the same point of web, resulting in the actual position being inspected 3 times, each under different light conditions. The results of the 3 measurements are combined for reliable conclusions on the defect type and location (top, middle,bottom layer).