Control Room Equipment

One comprehensive Procemex user interface for web monitoring and web inspection.

Papermakers’ 360 degree cockpit – Procemex Integrated Web Monitoring & Inspection System with free scalable real-time images and flying splice visualization.

Based on our extensive experience, we have designed one integrated user interface on one single desktop covering

  • web monitoring
  • web inspection
  • live images
  • flying splice tool

All these elements are inter-related and form one large extended desktop user interface to provide full visibility of real time events taking place on the machine.


  • One comprehensive integrated user interface with all imaging tools
  • Root causes of paper defects can be backtracked upstream by one click with WMS cameras
  • Full resolution real-time images with mouse roll scalability up to megapixel size
  • Groundbreaking Flying Splice Analysis tool increases efficiency of coating machines and other post-processing machines
  • Flying splice visualization for Off-Machine-Coaters: Each splice from previous process phases can be recorded and visualized in full machine width and in preferred lengt
  • Customer configurable and scalable real-time images on 42” monitor
  • Integrated Web monitoring & Inspection user interface visualizes paper defects, web breaks and their upstream root causes