Flying splice seen on the monitors of Procemex

Flying Splice

Procemex solution stores, analyzes and displays each flying splice with supporting analysis data.

The system displays the full machine width flying splice with web inspection resolution.

With off machine coaters, that are equipped with unwind web inspection frames, it is possible to record flying splices and keep them stored for instant or future user analysis.

The system calculates various parameters indicating how well the splice has been made. This data can be exported into mill-wide system and combined with 3rd party system information or for long term analysis purposes.


  • Immediate answers about splice quality problems and increased coater line efficiency
  • Better understanding of splice procedure results in improved operator action and higher production yield 
  • Pinpoints problems fast and guides operators in finding solutions fast
  • Full machine width flying splice image is stitched together from hundreds of WIS images
  • The flying splice image can be zoomed in/out by mouse scroll
  • The flying splice tool calculates critical splice data and transfers data into mill wide system