Procemex integrated web monitoring and web inspection interface

Web Monitoring & Web Inspection Interface

One intuitive user interface for fast and easy root cause analysis for web breaks and paper defects

Procemex user interface is a real papermakers’ tool for higher machine efficiency & improved paper quality.

This intuitive web monitoring & web inspection user interface is not only designed for analysing web breaks and paper defects, but also includes a key feature to create a third dimension: inter-relations between web inspection and web monitoring.

The feature makes it easy for operators to understand the real root causes for paper defects and web breaks back in forming section, at the very beginning of the process.


  • Easy & fast reaction to visualize and eliminate root causes leading to web breaks and paper quality issues
  • Reduces guess work and improves line efficiency
  • Empowers operators to deal with correct issues causing interruptions in the process
  • Connects wet end and dry end