print wash two monitors procemex

Procemex Print User Interface

There is one intuitive user interface for fast and easy root cause analysis for web breaks, defects and blanket wash cycle optimizing.

Procemex Printer’s tools for higher press efficiency & improved print quality

This intuitive web monitoring & wash cycle optimizer user interface is not only designed for analysing web breaks and paper defects but also includes a key feature to be on top of dust & ink accumulation on printing blankets . The purpose is to make it easy for operators to understand the real root causes for paper defects and web breaks and to support operators to use longer wash intervals without web breaks and blanket damages and still maintaining print quality.


  • Less waste – gives operators confidence to optimize wash intervals
  • Improves print quality
  • Reduces shift to shift variations and enhances use of best practise 
  • Prevents blanket damages 
  • Easy & fast reaction to visualize and eliminate root causes leading to web breaks and print quality issues
  • Reduces guess work and improves press efficiency
  • Empowers operators to deal with correct issues causing web breaks
  • Web Monitoring Interface: displaying web breaks, paper defects and  blanket accumulation data
  • Print Job in high resolution PDF
  • On-line image of Ink  and dust accumulation on blankets
  • Wash Cycle Optimizer Interface: displaying ink/dust accumulation on blankets

Don’t wash your money away!