One Platform Procemex User Interface

The User Interface of OnePlatform

User Interface

Procemex User Interface is an intuitive graphical user interface on dual screen on forming One Platform for the user.

Procemex software ranges from small camera projects up to the greatest production lines in the world, covered by several hundreds of cameras.

Web Monitoring and Web Inspection Features

With an intuitive graphical user interface on dual screen, the operator selects whether he/she wants to analyze the root cause for a web break, view a paper defect and decide on follow-up actions, or to ask the expert database to advise in problem solving.

  • Scrolling defect map with customer selected defect symbols displayed frame by frame or in overlaid mode
  • Defect data displayed in the bottom and as tool tip on defect map
  • Reel number and paper grade imported and displayed
  • Possible to zoom in or zoom out defect map to cover several paper reels at the same time
  • Activate / deactivate defect classes per each viewing location
  • Planned customer roll set and defect density data overlaid on defect map
  • Actual vs. sold roll quality indicated by colored customer rolls
  • Code verifying at paper machine with indication on defect map
  • Trends 15 min, 1 h, 8 h, 24 h, weekly
Web monitoring and Crystal camera Procemex
  • Profiles for different defects
  • Report shift, weekly, monthly
  • Reel report, reel number and length, which kind of fault, size, MD & CD location, fault count
  • Periodic / repeat defects with machine elements data
  • Upstream monitoring camera access with red button at the side of defect map
  • Web inspection camera displayed at monitoring camera list fully synchronized
  • Selection of real time display mode (independently at dry end and wet end, if necessary)
  • Breaks, defect root causes and other events selected in event selection page with one click
  • On event selection page the system displays automatically created thumbnail images from all camera positions to simplify and make analysis faster
Machine vision applications procemex in increasing efficiency on a paper machine
  • Event analysis page includes easy-to-use image controlling functions both with video recorder type buttons and with slide bar
  • All cameras are synchronized with each other withing the accuracy of two frames
  • Bookmarks can be tagged with images and image trends, and video clips can be edited as needed
  • Digital zooming without limits
  • Each camera features Region of Interest (ROI)
  • The System recognizes image changes within each video clip and guides operator
  • Expert database to advise about problematic cases
Procemex web inspection at control room of a paper mill

Automatic Winder Target Control Features

With an intuitive graphical interface, the winder / re-reeler operator selects which defects call for some action in form of slowing down the machine or rejecting the defect.Automatic / manual reel loading.

  • Automatic / manual reel loading
  • Defect map with customer roll cut and set positions
  • Current position visualized with moving red line
  • Selected slow down or stop targets indicated on defect map
  • Defect image and data displayed at the bottom of user interface
  • Code marking sync marks displayed at the side of defect map
  • Code mark quality symbol, machine speed and width displayed at bottom of user interface