Procemex Crystal Smart Camera 12 MPix 700 MHz Color

High definition, fast and extremely light sensitive camera suitable for inspecting and filming all pulp and paper grades and printed products with 4096x3072 pixel resolution.

Procemex Crystal Color camera with 700 MHz data processing features 12 MPix resolution and astonishingly high shutter speeds that form a basis for premium performance class for all inspection and monitoring applications.

The new camera has been specifically designed by Procemex engineers in Finland and in Japan to meet the demands of color web inspection of fast running paper and board machines. As each color channel is processed separately, a higher data processing capacity is needed.  Color camera with high data processing capacity is also beneficial in over 10 MPix web monitoring camera resolutions at 50 or 60 frames per second.  

This high resolution camera features a totally new high quality Procemex ProClean Pinhole technology making it also suitable for inspecting and monitoring positions in harsh environment. The camera with the new ProClean Pinhole technology features sharp image in entire imaging area – from corner to corner.

  • The fastest and most accurate smart camera
  • Procemex ProClean Pinhole technology
  • All applications can utilize the same camera
  • True smart cameras with compact packaging
  • Future proof 12 MPix CMOS based color image sensor with Bayer Filter design – easy upgrade when needed
  • PC-and TCP/IP network compatible
  • Performance (resolution, frame rate, special application features) software selectable
  • Processed data in FIFO RAM buffer
  • FPGA, DSP and ARM –based real-time data processing
  • Advance defect detection and classification tools for colored defects
  • Strobe LED light controlling
  • Standard C-mount fixed lens or zoom lens
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for WIS applications
  • Flicker and fade in-fade out -free images with 24 VAC ambient light power cycle

Key Features

  • 12 MPix color sensor with FPGA pre-processing
  • Designed to operate with Procemex ProClean Pinhole technology
  • Application performance SW fine tuned
  • Upgradeable image sensor card
  • With laptop forms a true hi-speed troubleshooting system
  • Long lifetime with secured future compatibility (TCP/IP, future proof detachable sensor card)
  • Supports large systems with distributed data processing
  • Less spare parts - one camera covers all needs
  • Computing power to meet future needs – 700 MHz


  • 12 Megapixels (4096x3072)
  • 50/60 full frames per second
  • Over 1000 windowed frames per second
  • 700 MPix per second (700 MHz)
  • Smallest size in the market (136 mm x 78 mm x 104 mm without lens)