Sample testing form

Information for WIS Sample analysis


How to Send Defect Samples to Procemex:

  • Fill in the form below before sending the samples
  • A preferred sample size is A4/Letter, defect centred in the middle of the page
  • Mark each sample with a number in the upper left corner or on the outside of a plastic sleeve
  • Mark location of the defect on the outside edge of sample sheet (both CD and MD) with short lines (picture 1 below)
  • Write defect name/type on the sample sheet or prepare separate list with sample numbers and name/type (picture 2 below)
  • Fill in return address in the below form, if you wish the samples to be returned
  • Send the samples to:

    Procemex Ltd
    Sample Testing
    Appiukontie 10 (PO Box 306)
    40530 Jyvaskyla, FINLAND
  • For US and Canadian customers, please send to:

    Procemex Inc.
    777 Lowndes Hill Rd.
    Building 3, Suite 325
    Greenville, SC 29607
Picture 1
Picture 2
Customer Data
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Machine Data
Grade Data
WIS data (customer specification)
Additional info, which might be useful
Return address
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