To Increase Tissue Production Speed,

We Must Catch Defects Faster

With Procemex OnePlatform you can now get the process insight you need to maximize your tissue production and converting line speed confidently. It is a fully integrated web monitoring and web inspection system.

Procemex OnePlatform camera defect images

OnePlatform detects, identifies, and understands defects before they cause a break.

  • Monitors and inspects the web with machine vision
  • Stores location coordinates of defects
  • Visualizes them to the operator in real-time
  • Also identifies defects in tissue logs, paper rolls, and paper stacks

Key benefits

  • Quick root cause analysis and inspection
  • Reduces unknown breaks in tissue machine and in converting line
  • Captures events
  • Increases safety by providing visibility to inaccessible and gated machine areas
  • Helps to reduce waste
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