To Increase Tissue Production Speed,

We Must Catch Defects Faster

With Procemex OnePlatform you can now get the process insight you need to maximize your tissue production and converting line speed confidently. It is a fully integrated web monitoring and web inspection system.

Procemex OnePlatform camera defect images

OnePlatform detects, identifies, and understands defects before they cause a break.

  • Monitors and inspects the web with machine vision
  • Stores location coordinates of defects
  • Visualizes them to the operator in real-time
  • Also identifies defects in tissue logs, paper rolls, and paper stacks

Key benefits

  • Quick root cause analysis and inspection
  • Reduces unknown breaks in tissue machine and in converting line
  • Captures events
  • Increases safety by providing visibility to inaccessible and gated machine areas
  • Helps to reduce waste
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Reach High Quality in Converting Line
Step 1

Ensure incoming tissue paper quality. The converting line can generate unwanted bottlenecks, if the quality of the tissue is not stable. With OnePlatform integrated web monitoring and inspection, converting lines can be run at an optimal speed.

Step 2

Reach targeted product quality. OnePlatform is a machine vision aided web monitoring and web inspection system for tissue production lines. It gives you immediate feedback on product quality and alerts you to defects. You can be sure tissue logs have an exact length, tissue rolls a perfect roundness, and that the tissue stacks align.

Step 3

Make perfect packages. It’s not only the product inside – the package must also be perfect. Check with Procemex machine vision solution that packaging and palletizing perform according to specifications. In addition to high quality, you can improve your operating efficiency throughout the folding and packaging processes.

Step 4

Achieve customer satisfaction. Quality measurements are becoming more and more strict, and your tissue production needs to be up to that level. With the help of Procemex OnePlatform, you can deliver perfect packages to happy customers and stop quality claims budgeting.


High Quality Camera Solutions for Tissue Lines
HD Quality Photographic Imaging
Machine vision for all tissue paper manufacturing stages

Procemex pinhole smart cameras and lights are made for harsh environments.

Easy to service! Web inspection and web monitoring share the same lighting and smart matrix camera technology, eliminating multiple spare parts and extensive troubleshooting efforts.

Procemex smart cameras process the data immediately inside the camera and send the results to the server. Only one computer is needed, and it can manage a system with over 200 cameras.

With the combination of Procemex intelligent camera solutions and OnePlatform, we can be your single source supplier and provide machine vision applications that cover all your tissue paper manufacturing stages.


High quality pinhole camera
OnePlatform - Future Proof and Backwards Compatible

Procemex builds systems that are future proof and backwards compatible. This is our promise to our customers and it is one of our key values in smart camera development. All our systems, starting from the year 2002, are compatible and can be extended or upgraded.


Image of wet streak taken with Procemex pinhole camera
Results with Procemex OnePlatform for Tissue Mill

Tissue mills use OnePlatform to inspect and monitor a tissue machine, converting line and packaging. As they can be 100% sure of the incoming quality of the previous stage, the process can be run at full speed.

“We have been able to eliminate almost all quality problems that have previously caused web breaks or bottlenecks in converting. As the speed of the production has increased, the ROI of OnePlatform was less than 3 months."  - a Procemex customer


High quality pinhole camera
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