Web Inspection - Continuous Detection

Procemex paper Web Inspection System provides you continuous detection of all paper defects plus a seamless integration to Procemex paper Web Monitoring System. This system is Procemex OnePlatform.

  • TAPPI Dirt Count Capable
  • Faster Start-ups with Higher Level Classification
  • Reduction in Waste with Roll Quality Analysis
  • Identification of Root Cause
  • Integration to Procemex Web Monitoring
  • Application Specific Geometries for Detection
  • Simple User Interface for Immediate Use

Building paper defect detection on OnePlatform architecture has elevated Procemex to the leading position in the global surface inspection and monitoring market.

The applications range today from coated box board to coated paper, magazine paper, newsprint, tissue and linerboard. In addition, utilization of auto-shutter of a smart camera design is preferred amongst specialty papermakers for its wide range of detection capabilities.

Linerboard Mill Saica in Manchester UK experiences
Varel Paper Mill reduced web breaks to a minimum