Procemex Software

One comprehensive Procemex integrated user interface for web monitoring and web inspection

Procemex Software Modules range from small camera projects up to the greatest production lines in the world, covered by several hundreds of cameras.

  • Web monitoring
  • Web inspection
  • Forming section analysis
  • Winder control
  • Formation measurement (PTS)
  • Real time images
  • Flying splice analysis
  • 3rd-party integration
  • Reporting
  • Data exporting (Database views)
  • Printer web access

Key Features

  • Flying splice visualization for Off-Machine-Coaters: Each splice from previous process phases can be recorded and visualized in full machine width and in preferred length
  • Customer configurable and scalable real-time images on 42” monitor
  • Integrated Web monitoring & Inspection user interface visualizes paper defects, web breaks and their upstream root causes