Web Monitoring - Additional Eyes

Procemex paper Web Monitoring System provides paper mill operators additional eyes and clarify what happened during the milliseconds when a web break took place.

Procemex paper Web Monitoring System assists operators in handling all production quality, and production efficiency items with the aid of a set of computer supported analysis tools.

Paper Web Monitoring System – Downtime reduction is even up to 50 % in 6 months.

  • Full width visibility at wet end
  • Resolution with up to 12 MPix ProClean Technology
  • Unique ProClean Pinhole Web Inspection Beam Stays Clean
  • Operators Focus Troubleshooting in Right Areas
  • Paper & Fabrics Related Issues Covered
  • Moisture variations detected with Thermal Cameras
  • Integrates into Procemex Full Paper/Board Machine-Concept
  • Defects and Root Causes Identified Quickly through Elimination Method
  • More Efficient Process
  • Less Paper Quality Issues
  • Reduced Reaction Times
Former image of Procemex Crystal 12 megapixel camera


Web Monitoring System Cameras

Procemex Web Monitoring System ProClean Pinhole Cameras along the production lines provide additional eyes for operators and clarify what happened during the milliseconds when a web break took place. With enough cameras in the right locations, the cameras provide required accuracy and clarity about the root cause of an event.

Additionally, integration with Procemex Web Inspection System reduces downtime. The main obstacles for better machine efficiency are typically either number of cameras, or inferior image quality.

Inferior image quality is related to the following factors:

  • Low-performance camera and light cleaning system
  • Low camera shutter speed not capable of stopping the sheet movement
  • Lens out of focus
  • Low camera resolution
  • Weak light source
  • Light not synchronized with ambient light (uneven frame rate or missing sync)