Procemex Powerful Strobe Lighting

Procemex smart camera activates one or more light frame LED flash profiles and illuminates only during camera image exposure.

Procemex Flex camera fully and automatically controls the strobe lighting to match the camera frame rate, with camera shutter speeds automatically controlling each light pulse length. This means the strobe light is illuminated when the camera is filming. This strobe lighting uses just an average of 30 W compared to 400-500 W (standard metal halide light), thus eliminating heat and energy consumption problems. Strobe lighting and new super light sensitive CMOS sensor technology, results in camera exposure times of 5-20 Microseconds freezing paper movement effectively, and producing crystal clear images.

  • Procemex smart camera activates LED flashing and illuminates only during camera image exposure. With strobing, heat generation is reduced due to reduced LED illumination time.
  • One camera can make several independent measurements by commanding different LED light frames to flash sequentially
  • The utilization of a strobed lighting technologies allows a long life of LED by elimination of heat generation
  • Any LED segment can be changed at any time without creating a de-gradation in camera signals and the overall detection capabilities of the system
  • Procemex Crystal 700 MHz Smart Camera technology with 12 MPix camera resolution can utilize several illumination geometries flexibly with sequential illumination