Web Break Monitoring

The start point of Procemex Integrated web monitoring and web inspection system is easy usability for machine operators.

Procemex Web Monitoring System assists operators in handling all production quality, and production efficiency items with the aid of a set of computer supported analysis tools.

Web Monitoring – Downtime reduction is even up to 50 % in 6 months.

  • Full width visibility at wet end
  • Resolution with FullHD Technology
  • Unique Pinhole Web Inspection Beam Stays Clean
  • Operators Focus Troubleshooting in Right Areas
  • Paper & Fabrics Related Issues Covered
  • Integrates into Procemex Full Paper/Board Machine-Concept
  • Defects and Root Causes Identified Quickly through Elimination Method
  • More Efficient Process
  • Less Paper Quality Issues
  • Reduced Reaction Times


Paper Defects & Web Breaks – Common Factors?

Traditionally, paper machines are equipped with defect detection systems that ensure product end quality. Production efficiency is separately achieved by positioning cameras along the process, and by filming events for a better understanding. When a web break occurs the user can backtrack the process in slow motion upstream, and identify the root cause of the web break in the form of video footage. Over recent years these two separate camera based systems have been often connected to also better understand the root cause of paper defects.

However, this combination is often not reaching required performance levels. Web breaks and defects visualization with the most upstream located cameras set a high demand on image processing, which is required to simultaneously read in and copy out video data in RAM memory. Also, visualization of the inter-relationships between defects and their root causes has been divided into two separate systems. The lack of unified visualization, together with inadequate tools, make problem analysis for operators difficult and regrettably time consuming.