Successful implementation of Procemex WMS at Adolf Jass Schwarza paper mill

Following the Kick-off Meeting in May 2013, the team members from Jass Schwarza and Procemex worked on a plan to install 18 new digital smart cameras into the paper machine within a scheduled 10 hour shutdown. The entire commissioning took only four days. Critical positions of the new cameras along the paper machine were installed during the shutdown; all others were  installed and optimized during normal production.After the scheduled shutdown 15 cameras were immediately available for the analysis. The remaining cameras were installed and synchronized within 2 days.

Originally, we were a little concerned about the installation plan especially managing the replacement of the existing system as well as the commissioning of the new digital system in 14 days. However, these concerns were quickly removed. Afterwards we would like to highlight the professional collaboration and excellent preparation perfomed by the entire team. Although the system commissioning and optimization was made during the normal production, the team operated at all times in a safe and professional manner. The right decision to go with Procemex was quickly confirmed. Excellent quality of the images, based on high resolution HD image sensors, and the analysis capabilities show even the smallest production errors in outstanding image quality. The latest Pinhole camera technique continually delivers us high contrast images at various locations: Pick up, Trim, Nipco Press and ProRelease box at the pre-dryer section.  

In addition to the real time Web Break analysis during the production the system provides additional information supporting us in making necessary preventative actions for quality assurance purposes.

In conclusion, we would like to say, that the newest digital technology from Procemex is a quantum leap in comparison to our previous system. Since the start up on July 4th 2013 we had significantly higher quality image analysis, even with low contrast image sources. Therefore, the system extensively influences the productivity of our paper machine and at the same time guarantees the high quality of our products.

We are very open for future projects, such as the development of one-sided moisture measurement, together with Procemex. Our team at Jass Schwarza would like to thank Procemex for the great job and professional collaboration!

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