Procemex PRINT System Orders to Europe

PROCEMEX WEB MONITORING SYSTEMS FOR E.M.DE JONG Drukkerij Em. de Jong BV, has placed an order for one Procemex-Print Web Monitoring System for Drukkerij Em. de Jong in Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands for a KBA408A Web Offset Press. Successful system start up in Q1/2010 convinced Drukkerij Em. de Jong on implementing three more Procemex-Print web monitoring systems in near future.

PROCEMEX PRINT SYSTEMS FOR 3 WEB OFFSET PRESSES FOR KRAFT-SCHLÖTELS. Kraft Schlötels GmbH, has placed multiple orders for Procemex-Print Web Monitoring Systems for Kraft Schlötels GmbH in Wassenberg, Germany for two 72p Manroland Lithoman’s and 48p Manroland Lithoman Web Offset Presses. All three systems were successfully started up in Q1/2010.

PROCEMEX PRINT SYSTEM FOR WEB OFFSET PRESS AT WALCKER OFFSETDRUCK. Walcker Druck, has placed orders for one Procemex-Print Web Monitoring system and one Procemex-Piccolo Flex 1 camera Portable Troubleshooting tool for Walker Druck in Isny, Germany. Both systems were successfully started up Q4/2009.


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