The first in the industry! 12,7 Megapixel WIS camera technology supplied to a leading Asian paper maker

Procemex is pleased to announce a delivery of inspection technology featuring 12.7 Megapixel matrix cameras for coated paper web inspection. The delivery includes over 100 smart cameras located in carbon fiber frames with very high resolution imaging technology. The systems inspect coated paper defects on off-machine-coaters and slitter winders with speed ranging from 1600 m/min up to 3000 m/min.

The systems replace traditional line scan camera-based systems on coating machines and cover for the first time also fast slitter winders.

As the paper industry smart camera pioneer, Procemex has once again pushed the technology boundaries further and introduced new performance level for finding fraction of millimeter size defects in 180 km/h speed.


For more information: Mika Valkonen, tel: + 358 50 3859 111 or mika.valkonen@procemex.com