Machine Vision Maintenance Services

High quality Procemex systems are designed for remote monitoring that allows us to detect and analyze possible problems.

We emphasize that checking PC and server logs regularly gives you an opportunity to tackle slowly developing problems before they cause permanent damage. Machine Vision cameras are our expertise - we also maintain and upgrade them.

  • Dust, fibers, chemicals and heat can damage your hi-tech instruments, reduce imaging quality and lower system performance.
  • Cameras and lights can be knocked out of alignment during downtime, causing changes in focus and imaging areas.

If a problem occurs, our experienced field support technicians will make a comprehensive remote system audit and a service interview. Based on this preparation, we can choose the right expert and parts for the on-site service visit. All visits are planned according to your specific needs. The on-site service call can also be combined with a tailored user training session.

We recommend preventative maintenance to decrease the possibility of breaks, read more about our service agreements.