procemex wis junction box

Web Inspection System Junction Box

Web Inspection System junction box houses power supplies and network data transfer technology.

Web Inspection field junction box is located in the proximity of WIS frame. It includes the devices that take care of the LED light power supply, smart camera network data transfer, camera & LED light strobe synchronizing and real-time local device controlling.

Cameras are connected to the junction box with standard network batch cables (CAT) and are easily replaceable when required.

Cameras are synchronized with LED light strobing so that the camera frame rate controls flashing and camera shutter speed duration of each strobe pulse. This means that the entire camera frame and LED light modules are synchronized as one package.

Key Features

  • Very simple architecture: as smart cameras perform data processing and send results to the server, only network connection is required between units
  • Electronics in easy accessible environment (not inside the frames)
  • Reduced cabling due to smart cameras– one FO cable between _WIS junction box and system server
  • Camera power supply integrated with data transfer (PoE)
  • Real-time devices like waste gate controlling or coating blade lifting requiring very fast communication are controlled directly by cameras and are not handled by system server