Water-Cooled ProClean Pinhole Camera Housing

Unleashing Clarity and Precision

Procemex Water-Cooled ProClean Pinhole Camera combines water cooling, ProClean technology and brilliant, up to 12 MPix, image quality.

The use of water-cooled pinhole camera housing in paper mills ensures robust protection, improved lifetime, enhanced image quality, and reduced maintenance needs, making it a valuable solution for reliable and efficient monitoring in challenging environments.

Using water-cooled ProClean pinhole camera in paper mill web monitoring cameras offers several benefits

Protection in Harsh Environments: The water-cooled camera housing ensures effective cooling and protection of the camera in hot and harsh environments typically found in paper mills. It helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, preventing overheating and potential damage to the camera.

Prevention of Condensation: The water-cooled housing helps to mitigate condensation issues that can occur in high-humidity environments. By maintaining a stable temperature, it reduces the chances of moisture buildup on the camera lens or inside the housing, ensuring clear and uninterrupted monitoring.

Enhanced Lifetime: The cooling mechanism of the water-cooled housing helps extend the lifespan of the camera. By preventing excessive heat, it reduces wear and tear on camera components, increasing their durability and reliability.

Improved Image Quality: With its high-resolution up to 12 MPix capabilities, the water-cooled ProClean Pinhole camera captures every detail with remarkable clarity and precision. Pinhole images are sharp also at image edges and corners. 5-10 times faster shutter speed is designed to eliminate image motion blur and captures images with exceptional clarity.

ProClean Technology Keeps Cameras Clean: Keeping cameras clean in harsh environments is vital for detecting defects. Procemex ProClean Camera technology keeps cameras clean in a harsh environments. The new ProClean Pinhole technology guarantees that cameras stay clean and provide excellent images for operators to monitor web break root causes.

The 12 MPix imaging is carried out with the leading-edge image sensor technology in light sensitivity resulting 5-10 times faster shutter speed and imaging clarity over conventional cameras. ProClean pinhole technology provides sharp images from edge to edge in the entire viewing area. Operators get consistent high quality images without needing to clean the cameras.

Cost Savings: The water-cooled design can lead to cost savings in the long run. By protecting the camera from excessive heat and environmental factors, it reduces the likelihood of camera failures or the need for frequent maintenance or replacements, resulting in lower overall maintenance costs.

Increased Productivity and Safety: Reliable and uninterrupted monitoring provided by the water-cooled pinhole camera housing enhances productivity and safety in paper mill operations. It allows for real-time monitoring of critical processes, early detection of issues, and prompt response to potential incidents or hazards.

The Game changing Pinhole Camera Technology

Web monitoring cameras are effectively protected from dirt and moisture in harsh wet conditions through the use of instrument airflow. This involves blowing air through a 5 mm hole located in front of the camera housing. As the airflow passes through the pinhole, it accelerates, creating a robust shield that prevents the entry of water and dirt into the housing. Notably, the camera housing lacks a protective window that could become dirty or worn over time. Furthermore, the camera is equipped with a specialized pinhole zoom lens that enables clear viewing through the designated hole.

The benefits of pinhole cleaning are trouble-free operation, low air consumption, 100% continuous visibility and the simplicity of the concept . There are no moving and wearing parts; wipers, electronics or controlling components. Continuous air flow enables pinhole cameras to film undisturbed 100% of the time without washing cycles or wiper movements causing blind times during the cleaning process

In extremely hot positions like in modern impingement dryers reaching 200°-250°C (390°– 480°F) ambient temperatures, it is necessary to use water to cool the cameras.

Key Features

Optimum image quality with separate light: Separate light source with flexible positioning allows optimum lighting for shadow creation

Pinhole housing can be easily changed into standard housing

Continuous 100% visibility: Pinhole camera housing has no protection window to be cleaned.

Easy camera dismantling and re-positioning: Both Procemex camera and LED light cables are equipped with quick disconnect connectors allowing easy dismantling without opening the housing.