Junction box for Procemex wash cycle optimizer

Wash Cycle Optimizer Junction Box for Print

Procemex Wash Cycle Optimizer junction box houses traverse -, strobe-  and network data transfer technology.

Procemex offers ultimate performance and ultimate simplicity in wash cycle reducer architecture:

Wash Cycle Reducer field junction box is located in the proximity of traversing measurement head and supports two measurement units. It includes the devices taking care of LED light power supply, camera network data transfer, camera & Led light strobe synchronizing and traversing control.

Cameras are connected with junction box with standard network batch cables (CAT) and are easily replaceable if needed.

Cameras and LED light strobing is synchronized so that camera controls flashing In operation this means that the entire camera and LED light modules are synchronized as one package.

Key Features

  • Very simple architecture: One field junction box supports 2 measurement head
  • Electronics in easy accessible environment (not inside measurement head)
  • Precise traverse positioning: PLC controls very accurately X and Y positioning
  • Standard off-the-shelf components


  • Switch for camera communication
  • PLC Module for traverse control and I/O
  • LED Controller
  • Power supply for LED Light module