Procemex service and support

System Improvements

By modernizing your system with the most advanced technology you can get the best out of your existing equipment.

Procemex provides systems that are future proof and backwards compatible.

This is our promise to our customers, and it is one of our key values in smart camera development. All our systems starting from 2002 are still fully utilizable today and can be easily extended or upgraded in cost-efficient phases to meet the increased process demands.

Add-Onn’s Upgrades Application Development
  • Cameras, Lights, Time Shift, Replica, OPS
  • Optimize process performance with low cost and high quality
  • Ensure machine and process running reliably
  • Camera resolution, PC, System software, Virtualization
  • Improving the performance of your existing camera system with upgrades, which can be phased over a certain time period
  • Classifications, The latest software with newest imaging algorithms
  • Continuous development of your process with the most recent achievements of vision systems