Procemex Lumina I – Full HD Smart Camera 2.1MP B&W

The most light sensitive camera suitable for inspecting and filming all pulp and paper grades and printed products with 2040×1020 pixel resolution.

Procemex Procemex Lumina I Full HD B&W camera has superior performance with resolution, light sensitivity and speed for all applications.

The Lumina I camera is especially suitable to be used together with Procemex ProClean Pinhole lens due to its extremely good light sensitivity.

The camera has been specifically designed by Procemex engineers to meet the demands of fast paper and printing machines, with existing systems running beyond 2000 m/min (6500 ft/min). It is ideal for providing compromise free web inspection on slitter winders reaching up to 3000 m/min (9800 ft/min) speed.

It can be used in all machine sections from forming section through dryer positions to the reel of paper machines. It can also be applied in various printing applications not requiring color.

Key Features

Full HD CMOS 3,19 Mpix B&W sensor with FPGA pre-processing
Application performance SW fine tuned
Upgradeable image sensor card
Together with your laptop forms a true hi-speed camera system
Long lifetime with secured future compatibility (TCP/IP, future proof sensor)
Supports large systems with distributed data processing
Less spare parts – one camera covers all needs
Computing power to meet future needs