Procemex Flex IR Thermal Smart Camera 640×480

High definition, fast and extremely easy smart camera to integrate with any existing Procemex OnePlatform system giving it temperature and moisture measurement capabilities. The infrared thermal camera is suitable for inspecting and filming all pulp and paper grades and printed products with 640×480 pixel resolution.

Procemex FlexIR Thermal camera features 640×480 pixel resolution and 25/30 frames per second imaging frequency. The micro-bolometer wavelength is 8-12 µm and thermal imaging area ranges from -15°C to +200°C.

The new infrared camera has been specifically designed by Procemex engineers to integrate seamlessly into the existing Procemex OnePlatform installed base and meet the troubleshooting and machine optimization demands of  fast running paper, tissue and board machines. The infrared lens on the front end integrates with Procemex Flex camera back-end processing allowing the camera to be immediately recognized by the OnePlatform system.

The temperatures are displayed in colors in both live mode and recorded mode. The camera can detect temperature (moisture) variations and the detection area can be limited inside the Region of Interest (ROI) in the same way as with ordinary web monitoring cameras. The Flex IR Thermal camera acts and is displayed in user interface camera listing exactly as the other cameras. 

Procemex infrared thermal camera image

Key Features

  • 640×480 pixel IR sensor with FPGA pre-processing
  • Application performance SW fine tuned
  • Upgradable image sensor card
  • With laptop forms a thermal troubleshooting system
  • Long lifetime with secured future compatibility (TCP/IP, future proof detachable sensor card)
  • Supports large systems with distributed data processing


Flex infrared thermal smart camera of Procemex