Pinhole frame Procemex

Forming and Press Section Web Monitoring & Web Inspection

One-profile measurement geometry for monitoring web breaks, detecting and classifying  surface defects and inspecting fabrics. 

Procemex wet end pinhole frame technology carries several international patents and enables to locate a full width inspection frame at critical forming section and press section positions.

Typical positions are forming table,  former/press transfer, under pick-up felt and exit press section. Also difficult environments can be found around size press.
The unique benefit is that cameras and lights stay clean under harsh wet end locations. The pinhole camera cleaning solution and light cleaning solution has been perfected since first installation in Finland in pick-up position in 2013.  

At liner Procemex pinhole frame at former to press transfer

Pinhole frame under pick-up feld fine paper Procemex

Pinhole frame Procemex