Camera resolution of Procemex

Camera Resolution

Procemex camera resolution is not limited by the network capability, as the camera processes data inside its own shell.

Camera resolution tends to grow continuously and is with today’s cameras more important than the frame rate. In practice, it is often difficult to utilize the highest resolution available, because the system is already using its full data transfer capacity. This is the most typical reason pushing customers to change their system. Today this is especially relevant, as 1GigE network supports only 2.1MPix resolution with 50fps and 1.9MPix with 60fps. Resolutions above that are not possible without reducing the frame rate.

Procemex camera resolution is not limited, as the camera processes data inside its own shell and does not sent it to be processed elsewhere. When the video is completed inside the camera, it sends the file over network to the server. This architectural difference enables Procemex to supply leading edge 12 MPix camera resolution.

Procemex Crystal defect image

Procemex 12MPIx camera with pinhole lens, trim defect image