Procemex to deliver OnePlatform Web Inspection System for liner machine in Europe

One of the leading fluting and liner providers in Europe has placed a repeat order for Procemex OnePlatform Web Inspection System to be commissioned by end of 2021.

Web inspection will be fully integrated with the existing OnePlatform Web Monitoring System. System to be delivered replaces existing third-party web inspection system.

The delivery includes high-resolution Web Inspection System with transmission and high angle reflection measurement geometries for complete surface analysis and product quality assurance. System carries the latest technology including high speed and high resolution 12-megapixel Crystal cameras.

All paper machines on-site are now equipped with Procemex OnePlatform Web Monitoring and Web Inspection systems. This OnePlatform Web Inspection order is 27th repeat system order from this company during last 8 years.  

Ordered system will be, with other systems on-site, under multi-year service contract, which includes remote on-call, remote diagnostics and reporting, annual site visits and spare part services.

Procemex OnePlatform solution allows an easy system expansion with a truly integrated wet end web inspection (Pinhole WIS), winder automatic target controls (ATC) and machine vision applications.  

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