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Procemex is the global leader in web inspection, web break monitoring and machine vision solutions for pulp, paper and print industries. Procemex is specialized in designing and manufacturing smart camera and lightning solutions for machine vision solutions. Our experienced team of around 100 people is committed to helping and supporting our customers throughout the lifecycle of their machine vision solutions. We strive to ensure that the performance, quality and service of the systems we deliver best meet our customers’ business requirements. Procemex HeadQuarter is located in the City of Jyväskylä and we have subsidiaries in Germany, Japan and in the U.S.

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We have recognized the potential of AI technologies to support and drive our machine vision application development forward. We want to strengthen our existing expertise and offer an exciting opportunity in the growing field of machine vision solutions.

We are offering a full-time, permanent position for a talented AI&ML developer to grow our AI knowhow and activities, part of our software team. Remote work is also possible according to the agreement. You will play a key role in developing new AI and ML applications.

You will be working with programming languages and technologies such as Python, C++, OpenCV, Ten-sorflow, Keras, Docker and Microsoft Azure. We are interested in people who can utilize inference engines to accelerate AI performance. We also value someone who can use reasoning engines to accelerate AI performance.  If you count some of these among your strengths, you could be who we are looking for.



The position is available mainly at senior levels. Relevant experience is important, although we are good at recognizing talent in those who are more juniors in their career.



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What’s in it for you

You’ll work with equally talented programmers, designers and engineers in an environment that’s friendly and casual. We work in small, self-managed teams that control their own time. You’ll enjoy a great deal of autonomy and responsibility while making a significant and visible contribution to our software and services.

This is a unique opportunity to work with our industry customers and our internal stakeholders to develop the next-gen hardware that powers AI-based features. You’ll have a chance to implement, test and optimize the latest AI models before integrating them into our systems.

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Questions and Applying

Recruitment is carried out in cooperation with Experis. Please apply for the position at and attach your CV and application with salary request. Further information about the position, please contact Senior Recruitment Consultant Emma Montell on 040 775 3231 or