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OnePlatform Web Monitoring and Inspection system for coated board machine in Netherlands

In February 2021, Procemex successfully installed and commissioned a large Procemex OnePlatform Web Monitoring and Inspection system for a coated board machine in the Netherlands.

The system includes a high-resolution Web Inspection System with transmission detection, as well as several reflection measurement geometries for the top and bottom sides of the sheet. These measurements provide for complete surface analysis and product quality assurance.

This fully integrated Web Monitoring System includes 35 Procemex Flex High Speed Smart Cameras and powerful Procemex Eco Strobe Lights. Hostile camera positions are equipped with the latest Procemex ProClean Pinhole Technology to ensure 100% visibility and help minimize maintenance.

The Procemex OnePlatform solution easily allows for system expansion with truly integrated wet end web inspection (Pinhole WIS), winder automatic target controls (ATC) and machine vision applications.