About Web Monitoring Features

Procemex Web Monitoring software controls all functions of the system.

The Procemex Web Monitoring Software controls all functions of the system. With an intuitive graphical user interface, the operator selects a preferred real time monitoring mode between quad and single images, selects which events (breaks, web defects and image analysis) to analyze and asks the expert database to advise in problem solving.


  • Selection of real time display mode (independently at dry end and at wet end, if necessary)
  • Breaks, defects, image analysis and other events are selected in event selection page with one click
  • One the event selection page the system displays automatically created thumbnail images from all camera positions to simplify and make analysis faster
  • Event analysis page includes easy-to-use image controlling functions both with video recorder type buttons and with slide bar
  • Cameras are synchronized with each other within the accuracy of two frames
  • Event analysis page includes special image change measurement trending
  • Bookmarks can be tagged with images and image trends, and video clips can be edited as needed
  • Digital zooming without limits
  • Each camera features Region of Interest (ROI)
  • The system recognizes image changes within each video clip and guides the operator
  • Expert database to advise about problematic cases
Pinhole camera at a liner machine. The viewing hole in the middle of the camera housing is fully open with a 100 % visibility.