Web Monitoring System Junction Box for 6 Cameras

Web Monitoring System field junction box is supporting 6 web monitoring cameras in all camera positions.

There is an efficient cabling in the junction box: 6-camera stainless steel junction boxes can be chained with each other. The 6-camera web monitoring junction box houses power supplies for camera and strobe LED light, light synchronizing module and camera switch.

The junction boxes can be connected with CAT or FO cable directly with central unit or chained together with a network cable and connected with a central unit.

Key Features

  • Camera and light electronics located in junction box allows for better environmental positioning than with camera/light housing
  • Easy to maintain: Unlike solutions with integrated camera and light, components easy to access and maintain
  • Camera to junction box connection with robust industrial cable with watertight quick connectors: Fiberoptic cable is not preferred solution in positions where stress breaks can occur


  • 316 stainless steel housing
  • Dimensions (W600, H600mm x D210 mm)