Air Management Tools

Air consumption plays an important role when figuring out new ways of saving energy at a paper mill. Procemex new tools to reduce air consumption helps you in this.

Cooling cameras and lights in different machine positions can require a substantial amount of cooling air.

As the number of cameras along the paper machine have increased in recent years, the selection of an optimized way to cool is playing more and more important role in reducing air consumption.

Procemex has developed a new set of tools to reduce instrument air consumption:

Air Management System offers 10 - 40 % reduction in air consumption by:

  • using chained & shared air for cameras and lights
  • using water cooling for lights
  • fine tuning air flow based on measured real need

Save Energy

The Air saving tool gives you the opportunity to tune the system according to the environmental parameter such as ambient temperature and in coming cooling air temperature to save air consumption for cooling.

Each existing camera position will be evaluated in order to get the best and optimized cooling concept and lowest possible consumption.

Contact us and let your potential consumption savings be calculated by our team!