New Procemex WebAccess 2.0 – EfficientTool for Online Reclamation Handling

WebAccess 2.0 is an online reclamation handling tool, designed to save time, streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and provide secure, user-friendly access to critical data. It revolutionizes the way printing houses and paper suppliers manage quality claims and web break data, benefiting both parties with increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

The new web-based software simplifies the process of gathering information related to web breaks and defected raw materials, transforming the way printing houses and paper suppliers handle quality claims. With WebAccess 2.0, you can say farewell to the traditional methods of exchanging samples and emails. Instead, you gain access to a secure, web browser-based software that streamlines the entire reclamation process.

Here’s how it works

Time and Cost Savings
Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of manually collecting and sending samples to paper suppliers related to reclamation handling. WebAccess 2.0 offers an intuitive interface that allows printing house operators to prepare and share reclamation information securely.

Efficient Communication
WebAccess 2.0 fosters seamless communication between printing house staff and paper suppliers. All relevant information, including videos, images, and parameters related to web breaks, is readily available within the software. No more reliance on emails or other forms of communication, reducing the risk of miscommunication.

Enhanced Collaboration
Collaborate effectively with paper suppliers by sharing critical data. This includes videos, images, and parameters related to web breaks, facilitating better problem-solving and troubleshooting. Quicker resolutions mean reduced production downtime.

User-Friendly Interface
WebAccess 2.0 displays information needed in the reclamation handling within an easy-to-use interface. Web break and paper defect information that are seen inside the printing house can be mirrored to the paper supplier. Gathering information for the reclamation handling process and sending this information for review and analysis is quick and easy, requiring just a few clicks.

Additional features and benefits

Evidence and Documentation
Maintain unchanged evidence of web breaks for quality control, tracking root causes, and resolving disputes between printing houses and paper suppliers.

Easy and secure Data Access

The software enables easy and secure access to web break videos over the internet. This means that printing press operators and paper suppliers can quickly access the information they need, regardless of their physical location. This can be especially valuable for remote troubleshooting and support.

Improved Security

Protect sensitive printing operation data with secure access and email-based logging authentication. Ensure that only authorized individuals can access confidential information.