Procemex is a global leader in integrated web monitoring and web inspection solutions in pulp, paper & printing industry. Procemex has specialized in designing and manufacturing smart camera and lighting solutions for web monitoring and web inspection.

Founded in 2000, Procemex has gained leading expertise in the industry and has deliveries around the world. Thanks to solid roots Procemex has acquired a unique understanding of production processes: core excellence lies in mastering optical imaging and image processing. Procemex helps you to secure product quality and minimize expensive production downtime.

Procemex develops, designs and delivers the fastest and the most accurate smart camera-based solutions for paper manufacturers and printers worldwide. Web monitoring and Web Inspection for eliminating web breaks or minimizing downtime in processes is Procemex’s core business that lies in mastering optical imaging and image processing, starting from the very beginning of the process: camera sensors.

We are your single-source machine vision supplier:

• from the beginning of your process to the final product shipping phase.

• from the point of sales to the required lifetime management services.

Our software-configurable smart camera technology has been developed for the purpose of covering all your needs with one camera.

Our experienced team of approx. 70 people is committed to delivering high quality, swiftly and accurately in everything we do. With this attitude we serve our customers in the world's biggest paper and printing related projects.

Procemex is located in the central Finland, in the city of Jyvaskyla, and has also office in the city of Tampere. Subsidiaries are in Germany, Japan and in the U.S. Sales through partners all over the world.