Advanced 3D Defect Detection

Procemex advanced 3D technology takes defect detection to the next level.

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VIDEO: Detecting small dents and elevated defects with Procemex 3D Defect detection.

Detecting small dents and elevated defects on fast-moving board (folding box board /coated board/liquid packaging board) can be a tough task. The 3D defect detection technology represents a significant advancement over traditional methods.

Traditional inspection methods often rely on 2D imaging, capturing surface irregularities but lacking depth perception. This in most cases leads to a lack of identifying subtle or elevated defects.

High quality 3D images enable a better way to analyze and understand defect root causes.
When combining 3D measurement with other measure geometries, a complete analysis can be performed.

With a resolution as fine as 0.1×0.1mm and processing capabilities exceeding 600 MHz, the 3D technology introduced by Procemex operates at a level of detail and speed that significantly surpasses all traditional methods. This allows for detecting 3D defects starting from as small as 100 micrometers on a high-speed machine running at 1000 m/min or even beyond.