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Saica Manchester Jorge Arruego
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Compact Smart Cameras

Fastest and most accurate Cameras

Cutting-Edge Technology

Standards & Compatibility

Same Smart Cameras for all applications

World Class References

Platform for Future Development

Extensive Forward and Backward Compatibility

Core Industries

Pulp & Paper

Increase Productivity

Through More Efficient
Process Control

1 / 200 000 s

High-Speed Shutter to
stop Sheet Movement

12 Megapixels

SuperSense for Low-Light Conditions

Max 1000

High-Quality Images per Second

Image Pre-Processing

Creates unique features
like Super Sense


Performance defined by Software

High Performance


Executed Giga Operations Per Second


Compatible with
High-Speed Networks

Future Proof

Future-proof Image Sensor Design
- easy upgrade when needed

Smart Standalone

Connects Directly to Your Laptop

Web Monitoring

For enhancing Machine Efficiency

Printing Applications

Increases Printing Press Efficiency

Web Inspection

For More Powerful Defect Detection


Cameras in Use Worldwide

3000 M/MIN

On Fastest Production Lines

300 Cameras

Delivered for Largest Single Production Lines

Gran visión para unas grandes máquinas

Desarrollamos, diseñamos y entregamos las soluciones basadas en cámaras inteligentes más precisas y rápidas para productores de pasta de papel, papel e impresores de todo el mundo. Nuestras soluciones de monitorización e inspección de roturas de hoja aumentan la eficiencia y calidad de los productos de clientes en todo el mundo.