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Spare Parts keep the system fully operational and minimize the production down times

The OEM spare parts assure that the web inspection and web monitoring systems are running efficiently. For example, cameras are the most important part of your machine’s vision system, so they need to be kept fully operational with OEM spare parts. With Procemex, you always have ready-to-use parts available with correct software and setups.

Fast and Reliable Spare Part Deliveries

A full spare parts inventory for Procemex systems is located in Finland. We have also partial inventories in various locations around the world for urgent deliveries. A spare parts inventory at your site can be arranged for critical parts. This way you always have the most important replacements available to maximize the system performance.

With a service agreement, we can also offer the spare part management service (TCO) – a good option if you wish to ensure that you always have the needed parts available, but don’t want to tie money to a full spare part stock.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Refurbishments

In addition to new spare parts, our exchange unit service offers a cost-effective way to replace defective parts with refurbished ones. You can be assured of the same high quality as for original Procemex parts.

It is not always necessary to purchase replacements – we offer also efficient repair services for our cameras, lights and PCs. The repair option comes in handy when there is no urgent time pressure.

Repairs and Returns

Saving the nature resources is important to both us and our clients. Sometimes repairing the old system parts is a more cost effective way to fix the problem instead of buying a new one. Please contact our service team about this.

If our service team recommends repairing the part instead of getting a new spare part, then please send us the part for repairing using the below linked form.

Contact Service and Support

Our experts are at your service 24/7. Not just solving problems, but also proactively improving your process.

You also have an access to our Service & Support portal. If you run into an issue, you just sign in, and create a ticket describing the problem. Our team will get back to you ASAP.

For critical issues, you can reach our experts instantly. You have a designated contact person and a whole team of experts behind them.

If you don’t have a Remote Service contract yet, or it needs upgrading, reach out to our service sales