Wire/Forming Section Troubleshooting

Today web break reasons can be backtracked with standard cameras only to the press section of a paper machine. The wire/forming section, where web content is almost pure water, is today too difficult to be analysed with standard cameras due to small contrast differences and low camera resolutions.

Thanks to high light sensitivity, 10 Bit digital gray scaling and very high 2.1 million pixel resolution, Procemex Flex camera technology has opened a new door to improve efficiency on paper machines – with the aid of wire/forming section disturbance analysis. Procemex Flex camera visualizes the wire section across the full machine width. Web breaks or paper defects detected by web inspection cameras at the reel can be synchronized and analysed backwards to the head box of the PM.

Stripes in web at 1st dryer can be traced back to the headbox at 1300 m/min