Integrated Web Inspection and Web Monitoring

Procemex Integrated Web Inspection and Web Monitoring System is designed for operators. The system assists operators in handling all production quality, and production efficiency items with the aid of a set of computer supported analysis tools.

Under normal running conditions the left hand monitor is used for displaying live images and a machine efficiency time chart. The right hand display continuously updates a defect map that identifies different defects with respective symbols.

 Should a machine disturbance occur e.g. web break or paper defect, the monitors change modus and form a unified user interface that displays a complete story of the event with its original root cause.

For the operator, analysis is easy as the system classifies paper defects and displays its evolution through the process. It is wholly beneficial for the operator, that web breaks, defects and their root causes are analysed and displayed in such a clear way.

Linerboard mill Saica in Manchester UK experiences

One System for Different Camera Types

Procemex TWIN is constructed with the idea of using different types of cameras within the same system, as with different machine parts requirements for visualization differ. The system understands different camera types. One server supports unlimited number of intelligent digital cameras. The cameras can be web monitoring cameras i.e. positioned alongside the process or web inspection cameras built into a carbon fibre camera frame across the paper web.

Standard server for collecting data and managing database

While the actual hard image processing work is achieved on DSP processor boards inside intelligent cameras, the server computer manages files, performs SQL-database handling and data distribution to clients. The permanent data is is stored on a RAID secured break & defect bank. Intelligent digital Megapixel camera technology 
– the backbone of high definition web break monitoring and web inspection

At the heart of the Procemex-TWIN System is the Procemex-Flex camera. It is a dedicated camera developed by Procemex engineers over the past 7 years. It combines, for the first time, excellent light sensitivity, fast frame rates and high resolution. It is an excellent solution for both web inspection and web monitoring.

The Flex camera has been specifically designed to meet the demands of fast paper machines running over 2000 m/min (6500ft/min). It can be used in all machine sections from wire/forming section, through dryer hood to the reel. It is ideal for providing compromise free web inspection on super fast coating machines and especially winders reaching up to 3000 m/min (9800 ft/min) speed.

Procemex Flex camera features 3 high power DSP processors, significant on-board RAM memory to keep the last minutes of images in a rotating FIFO buffer, high speed detection, analysing and classification of defects in raw image format, and JPG2000 video processing for web monitoring cameras.

Procemex Flex camera has a pixel rate of 130 MHz and overall processing capacity is 12 GOPS (giga operations per second), which guarantees compromise free quality at high machine speeds.

The camera uniquely processes, analyses and classifies 
all data itself, and sends only pure end results through a TCP/IP network to the system server. It is unique in that 
it needs no external unit for data processing. It performs 
this in its own shell.

Such high resolution, the extended amount of greyscales, coupled with several hundreds of frames per second, offer premium performance for papermakers and printers.

Zooming possibilities

Procemex Flex camera & strobe LED light filming trim squirts on a fine paper machine. 1.3 Megapixel resolution provides never seen before zooming possibilities.