Upgrading and Optimizing for Better Process

To support changing demands of your process, our experts are here to help you put together a gradual upgrade plan. Your upgrades can be phased out over a desired time period instead of a hefty one-off investment.

The latest Procemex technologies are available for your existing systems and we guarantee the downward compatibility with existing products.

Modernizing your system with the latest software, cameras, led-lights, PCs and servers and other technology will improve its imaging quality, and make the most of your existing instruments.

Data and System Security

We provide and test Windows software package updates before onsite visits. We also complete a back-up procedure to enable fast recovery time in case of problems. During machine shutdown, we install software updates onsite and make sure they run well.


Many of the leading paper and printing companies trust us to find the solution to their quality or process runnability issues. We have two decades of worldwide experience in trouble-shooting our customers' production processes and finished products.

Our experienced engineers will optimize your machine vision systems and provide user training for your staff. Our engineers can also join your problem solving team, operate the imaging systems and provide the required process analysis.