Upgrade Services

To support changing demands of your process, our experts are here to help you put together a gradual upgrade plan. Your upgrades can be phased out over a desired time period instead of a hefty one-off investment.

The latest Procemex technologies are available for your existing systems and we guarantee the downward compatibility with existing products.

Upgrade Services

Procemex Trial Services

  • Test the latest applications and features
  • Our trial services allow you to test the latest Procemex applications and features at your mill site, on your own machine.
  • Our machine vision specialist will help you evaluate the new technology and its suitability for your system. Trials can be performed on both web monitoring and web inspection applications.
  • The results will help you make informed decisions and take the risk out of your investment.

Smart System Upgrade

  • Create a custom upgrade path for optimum imaging quality
  • Our system upgrade service allows you to gradually replace old cameras with the latest imaging technology and new analysis and application features where most needed.
  • Our upgrade experts will help you determine an upgrade plan that delivers the best possiblequality and value for yourinvestment.

Camera Performance Upgrade

  • Make the most of your existing instruments
  • Our modular WIS and WMS cameras can be significantly enhanced with a simple software upgrade. Enhance the performance of your existing cameraresolution, light sensitivity and frame rate – and extend its lifetime.


Upgrade Includes

  • Camera software with latest analysis algorithms
  • Sensor resolution
  • Lens upgrade (optional)