Service and Support

To ensure machine and process running reliability with a good product quality, you need to keep your machine vision system performing at its optimal level during its entire life-cycle.

Maintenance Services - Trusted Life-time Care

Our team of experienced experts is committed to providing you with OEM maintenance and services that maximize the life-time of your Procemex vision system and keep your assets competitive throughout their lifecycle.

Our offering covers all services from remote support to regular onsite services.

We maintain a full spare parts inventory for Procemex machine vision systems. Partial inventories in various locations around the world make faster deliveries possible.

Ask us about a service agreement for a lower total cost of ownership:

Optimization and Upgrades - Develop Your Process

As the market's expectations for paper quality are increasing, optimizing process performance becomes more and more important. Together we can target for low cost, right quality and less consumption.

Upgrading your vision system with the latest software and technology increases your process quality with an improved defect classification.

Connected 24/7

Digitalization brings many benefits to vision system solutions. Already today we perform most of the imaging system service activities remotely. While using the latest technology, remote diagnostics can pinpoint and fix potential problems threatening paper quality and runnability of the machine.

Remote support gives you a quick response in case of critical emergencies round-the-clock when you have a service agreement, and otherwise Mon-Fri from 8 am to 5 pm EET. Our experts are available flexibly by phone, email and VPN connection.

Tel. +358 14 337 2111

Email remote support: