Systematic and Continuous Control

Systematic and continous system control with regular onsite services, guarantee reliable operation of the paper machine's vision system and enables optimization of the whole paper making process.

Procemex® Service Modules
Make service onsite visit more effective with a combination of different Service Modules
  • For super user - to confirm the system is being fully utilized, analysis and configuration tools are in use.
  • For maintenance - to carry out preventative maintenance programs as well as replacing the components and reconfiguring the system
  • For operators - to ensure the best understanding of the system tools and features
Procemex training session on web monitoring
  • System and Equipment services - to maintain the system performance on a high level
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs - to create optimum maintenance levels to each system
Procemex spare parts and repairs delivery person working
  • Procemex system performance audit maps the current status of the machine vision systems condition and improvement potential to ensure maximum system performance
Tissue line inspection and monitoring Procemex
Software Upgrade
  • Procemex® software upgrade service brings the benefits of continuous evolution to customer system ensuring secure constantly improving system performance and maximize the lifespan.
  • Software updates are available to PCs, servers, cameras and client PCs
Procemex onsite service at a paper mill
Security Updates
  • Operating system update with new and tested security patches published by Microsoft
  • Virus scanner update to MSE and Windows defender database, together with Windows patching process
  • Procemex data and system security service secures back-up of system critical data and ensures fast and reliable system restart in case of problems or a system failure
Add-on cameras, lights to Procemex solutions
  • Tailored optimization services to meet hte specific needs of each customer
  • Better identification of sheet break root causes
    • Less breaks and broke
    • Reduced energy and raw material costs
  • Better identification of critical sheet defects
    • Optimized paper quality
    • Less end customer claims
Procemex service and support